Monday 14 March 2011

Nice and CAS….

Following on from my disaster for last weeks challenge ("Ever get the feeling you missed the point"), I didn’t want to miss the “Less is More” challenge this week!!  I’ve just finished my “Off the Edge” OLC. 

Now, I know there is at least one of you out there that will think my 4-year old daughter coloured this (you know who you are) but I’m going to risk the ridicule Smile


I’ve used HobbyArts Town Scene-It stamps and coloured it in using chalks and my Stampin’ Up blender pen (I love it).  I think the chalks really give a good texture to the colouring, and I also think the Balamory look is funky!

But don’t look too closely…you might see all the smudgesSmile

What do you reckon?



  1. LoViNg your houses very much and they don't look like they've been coloured by a 4 year old lol... Thinking your sentiment could have been a tad bigger but it does look great with the one you have stamped.
    Really great card:-)

  2. ;o)

    It's lovely... definitely got the 'less is more' theme going on :o)

    Good Luck!
    PS - Got a few things I need to order from SU, but will see you when I get back..


  3. I quite like the sketchy effect...very arty!
    Look like seaside houses, very cute
    Thanks for entering
    "Less is More"

  4. Never seen Balamory so can't tell you whether it is!! Just know it's well cute!


  5. I love rows of little houses... so I'm a bit biased. I also quite like watching Balamory with my Granddaughter, so that's a double whammy.
    I'm sorry you missed our deadline last week, it's great to see that you are in plenty of time this week!
    Thanks for entering!
    "Less is More"

  6. Love the houses and what a surprise to see the glitter in the windows when I enlarged it. x

  7. Hello there, love your brilliant row of houses, smashing colours and glitter too, gorgeous:0) xxx

  8. I love it - really cute stamp and I like the colouring - its very beachy and effective.

  9. Love the little row of houses...reminds me of the bright colorful houses on our nearby beaches!

  10. Less is certainly more! it!... the picture brings beaches and sunshine to mind :-) .... ps my daughter thought it was a scene from Mr Ben ...which she loves so that is a good thing! :-)

  11. Love the houses! The touch of glitter in the windows really brings them to life. Lynne x

  12. I love your row of houses and the colouring is suits the image style as they look hand drawn. Fab card, I hope your pleased with it x

  13. Lovely card! Love all the colour that you used on the houses :)
    Shaz x

  14. What a lovely card, cute image and fab colours. JO x

  15. I ove it Linda - rows of houses always make me smile and I too love the ballamory look, almost beach hut like.

  16. Your card is great, I love little houses. I've never used chalks so I'm not going to comment on your colouring! xx


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