How to make Sweet Treats
I made these pouches as stocking fillers for Christmas, but they could quite easily be used for weddings or parties too!

Step 1
Pouch - StartPouch - step 1

Using double-sided paper, cut a square of 15cm and fold it corner to corner to make a triangle.

Step 2
Pouch - Step 2aPouch - Step 2b

With the point of the triangle facing up, fold the bottom corners up and across, in turn, to make a pentagon shape.

Step 3
IMG_1891Pouch - Step 4

Finally, fold the top point down and secure with a glue dot or brad or simply fill with treats :-)

How to make pouches
These pouches have been called different things.  I’ve seen them called sour cream cartons and pouches, but I think they look like Jublies…..or am I just showing my age with that!  :-)  I used these to make my Advent Calendar, the only difference being I left the top open, punched a hole centrally and threaded them onto a cord before hanging them up.

Step 1

Trim a 6x6’’ patterned paper to 10.5cm (apologies for mixing metric and imperial!).  Discard the smaller strip.

Step 2

Stick double-sided tape on both long sides and one short side and remove the backing from all strips.

Step 3

Roll the paper in to a tube, adhering the short side without the tape to the short side with the tape.

Step 4

With the seam facing you, pinch one end together making sure the tape sticks together.  You should have a wedge shape.

Step 5

Add your treats to the other end of the pouch and then pinch the top edge together at right angles to the bottom edge.

Step 6

To give it a professional finish, you can use a paper crimper to crimp the edges.

Step 7

Finally, punch a hole in one edge and thread with ribbon to trim.

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  1. Cool. I never knew what a talented, girly sister I had! I'd follow in your footsteps, except that I've sunk all of my investment into yarn and knitting...and jewelry. ;)


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