Sunday 24 April 2011

My First Wedding Fayre!

Well, what a day! I’ve had such a good experience today at the Hucknall Wedding Fayre organised by Jess from FancyPants!  Quite inspirational!  Here’s a picture of my stall at the beginning…no pictures from the day cos I was quite busy, which was great Smile.


I’ve had loads of fun meeting people today and all nerves disappeared as I got in to the flow of things….not bad for my first Wedding Fayre!   I actually did some demonstrating!!   It was just a fantastic day with lots of fantastic people who I hope to meet again!  It’s been fab to share the Stampin’ Up! Experience Smile.

So to thank a couple of people who have helped make my first Stampin’Up Fayre a success…..

… lovely friend, Kelly, who gave up her Easter Day to give me a hand! (Oh and thanks to her other half who sorted their barbeque without her!) Hope you had a lovely evening. 

…my lovely friend, Jenny for all the morale support during the week!!

…and my lovely upliner, Victoria for all the pointers and the loan of banners, and favours, and samples.
You all made it so much easierSmile.

So after the mayhem of all the preps for the fayre, I should be back to normal and sharing next week…..just as soon as I get through all that ironing I’ve been neglecting. Smile

Happy Easter, everyone and enjoy the bank holiday!


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  1. So pleased it went well for you Linda. The start of things to come! Your stand looks fantastic


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