Friday 27 May 2011

Early post, late night!

Well, I’m off for a night out with girl friends.  Actually…it’s a night in with girlfriends to plan the hen party of the forthcoming nuptials of Kelly.  Hmmmm….gonna have to think of some “games” to play.  Now…where dod I put that net curtain!

So…I meant to share this yesterday, but totally forgot! Now I’m sorry if you seen enough of the Just Believe….but I do have a plan for them that I will hopefully share over the weekend.  So here’s my latest card…

Just Believe Stamp Set

It’s using the same colour schemes as the previous card and that might give you a clue as to what my next plan is.  This time I’ve used the lovely sentiment from the set….and some things definitely do need to be seen to be believed….like me being ready in time to get to Kelly’s!!!  So I’m off!

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