Sunday 29 May 2011

LIM: Card No 3

Now some people might say I get fixated on a theme.  Not so long back it was the ‘Just Believe’ stamp set.  I’ve got another Less is More card.  I can’t help it….I think Chrissie and Mandi’s challenge to ‘pick a square’ is fab.  There are 5 squares to choose from, so I have to complete the set!

And here’s card number 3…

all in the family

I’ve used the ‘All in the Family’ and ‘I {Heart} Hearts’ stamp sets to create a hot air balloon.  Hope you got that!  I’ve actually seen the very talented Julie Kettlewell do something similar to this in her Valentine class.  So I’ve CASE’d the idea.

Right, that’s 3 down, 2 to go!  I still need to finish off my ‘Just Believe’ cards before tomorrow’s Craft Fayre….back later Smile

Thanks for reading


  1. Love the way your balloon floats to the top of the card


  2. This really works!! Great balloon.

  3. Really stunning! Love the balloon!

  4. How cute! Perfect square for your invention!
    Thank you so much
    Diva LIM mandi
    "Less is More"

  5. that's adorable and works perfectly with the theme. my first card was hot air balloon too. this is definitely one of those themes that doesn't go away in your head. I think I'll have to do all five before I can let it go, but then, I might need to do more than one for each corner too!!

  6. Lovely card - great use of your chosen square

  7. That heart works beautifully as a hot air balloon, what a great idea and another super card. I'll await the rest!
    Thanks again.
    Lady LIM
    "Less is More"


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