Wednesday 27 May 2015

Colour Me Connoisseur!

Well that's alwaays a have you card chosen in a challenge!  Thank you Hayley, at Colour Me Challenge blog!

Thanks for picking my card :

I'm working on the next challenge now!



  1. How do you use a mask and get those blended colors. I love this technique.

    1. Hi Cookie. For this card I masked the card using post-it notes and used ink dusters with my Stampin' Up inks.

      On my more recent cards I've taken to cutting the area I want to ink out of an A4 piece of copy paper and then securing my ceased blank to the underside with that non tacky making tape. It makes it less likely to move. I'm also using a mini sponger thing from the Ranger craft range. Still Stampin' Up inks on their Whisper White card. They blend so easily :-)


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